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Get to Know Us

Over our extensive careers in healthcare and rehabilitative therapy, we noticed a gap in healthcare coverage related to access of adults in the community and ability to receive therapy and wellness services.  We decided to bridge that gap by bringing an outpatient therapy clinic directly to clients.  Clients do not have to worry about transportation, transportation costs, or being around large amounts of people.  This idea sparked the development of the Home Connection Therapy team to deliver a new approach to rehab with home Outpatient Occupational and Physical therapy.  Home Connection Therapy offers a personalized therapy experience and our client's become part of our family!  Our main goal is to assist clients in finding solutions to health problems and provide support for them to feel strong and confident in their bodies to improve overall quality of life.   Clients chose the direction of therapy sessions aimed at feeling better, decreasing pain, and achieving their movement and activity goals.  The HCT therapists look forward to bringing the therapy you deserve directly to you, to help maintain your independence and continue to thrive in your own environment!

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